CD Ripping / iPod Loading

Too busy to rip all your music CDs? We can do them for you. For $1.00 per CD, we'll come to your home or work, pick up all your CDs. And a few days later, we'll return with your music library fully ripped and ready to load into iTunes and sync into all the iPods / iPhones you own.

MacintoshMac + MacintoshPC

iPod NanoCD Stack
We'll come pick up all your CDs and your iPod...

Our MachineImport
We'll load all of your music on to our computer...
(Including MP3 Tag Data
& Album Art on most Albums)

We'll Sync up your iPod (or any MP3 Player)...

iPod NanoCD Stack
We'll return your Music and iPod to you...

iPods are optional. We can just as easily rip your CDs, and copy them directly to your computer. This is more common than iPod loading. We can rip in for format & bitrate of your choosing. Our default is AAC 160KBit VBR. There may be a travel fee depending on where you are located and how many CDs you have.


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